Weather: overcast in the Channel.

The Luftwaffe sent out a force of 15 Do17s which spotted a convoy passing along the south coast. However, the attack was turned back by a force of Hurricanes, but which did not manage to score.

Further to the west a small force of Luftflotte 3 aircraft attacked the RNAS airfield at Yeovil dropping some bombs on the runway and went on to attack the Westland works nearby. They also targeted further sites in the west of England including the local railways. The RAF flew that day 449 sorties. 1 Hurricane was lost but 3 enemy aircraft were shot down, including an He111.

266 Squadron Operational Record Book, 15 July – Wittering
Warm, visibility very good. Flying 17 hours 40 minutes. Ac Flight at readiness. B Flight at available. Practices included Beam attacks, and air fighting, night fighting circuits and landing. Spitfire aircraft N.3245 damaged after landing heavily during night flying practice. Pilot Flt Lt S.H. Bazley uninjured. Aircraft of Ac Flight carried out air raid investigation.

615 Squadron Operational Record Book, 15 July
Pilot Officer Mudie died from his wounds in Dover hospital.

Today’s theme: Unsung Heroes – The Ground Staff