Weather: cloudy

Fighter Command Serviceable Aircraft as at 0900 hours:

  • Blenheim – 59
  • Spitfire – 219
  • Hurricane – 342
  • Defiant – 25
  • Gladiator – 2
  • Total – 647

At midday a substantial force was detected by radar building up over Calais. Escorted by a large number of fighters, bombers advanced on Dover and on airfields in Kent. Groups of Me109s and Me110 fighters flew above cloud, endeavouring to attract RAF fighters into combat. 32, 65 and 610 Squadrons were sent up and were involved in heavy fighting. The Goodwin Lightship was destroyed. Another group of aircraft took the opportunity, as usual, to attack Manston.

Luftflotte 3 sent over a number of small pockets of aircraft. Middle Wallop airfield was attacked, killing 3 men.

8 RAF fighters were lost and 19 German aircraft were destroyed.

54 Squadron Operational Record Book, 14 August
A day of absolute inactivity as far as the squadron was concerned.

Reported Casualties (RAF Campaign Diary 14th August 1940):

*  Enemy: 30 confirmed, 8 unconfirmed; 9 damaged.
* Own: 5 Hurricanes, 3 Spitfires, 3 Blenheims

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