Weather: fine but with some cloud and rain.

Fighter Command Serviceable Aircraft as at 0900 hours:

  • Blenheim – 53
  • Spitfire – 230
  • Hurricane – 412
  • Defiant – 18
  • Gladiator – 7
  • Total – 720

The morning was quiet but the afternoon produced massive fighter sweeps flown by the Luftwaffe. Over 500 Me109s, together with 100 Me110s, flew over Kent. They were hoping to attract the RAF into the air so that they could be destroyed. 11 Group had been expecting at least a small element of bombers in this group. So when they saw that the Luftwaffe was fielding a purely fighter formation, in accordance with Park’s orders, they avoided combat. The Scilly Isles were once again bombed and machine gunned that afternoon and there were reports that the islanders wanted to be evacuated. The RAF lost 9 aircraft that day, but this was against a score of 17 enemy aircraft shot down.

That night Liverpool was hit once again.

501 Squadron Operational Record Book – 29 August

The Squadron was released until 12:00 hours. They left for Hawkinge at 12:55 and patrol carried out from 15:45 to 16:30. No interceptions were made. The Squadron again took off at 18:00 to patrol Gravesend at Angels 15 over Hawkinge. The Squadron were attacked by 9 Me109s out of the sun. Flt Lt J A A Gibson baled out after his aircraft had been shot up, and Sgt Lacey shot down the Me109. Sgt Green also baled out and was picked up near Hawkinge. The Squadron’s victories were 2 Me109s destroyed.

Cyril Shoesmith Diary – Aged 14, Bexhill on Sea – Thursday 29 August
Had 2 air raids today. In the 1st one, which was from 3.20-5 we watched a dog fight in the air. There was [sic] about thirty planes. Machine gun fire could be heard. Saw 3 planes in 6.15-7.30 raid.

Reported Casualties (RAF Campaign Diary 29th August 1940):

*  Enemy: 9 confirmed, 10 probable, 5 damaged
*  Own: 9 aircraft with 2 pilots killed or missing.

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