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Weather: fine, cloud in the afternoon

Fighter Command Serviceable Aircraft as at 0900 hours:

  • Blenheim – 38
  • Spitfire – 221
  • Hurricane – 359
  • Defiant – 13
  • Gladiator – 8
  • Total – 639

The first enemy attack was on a convoy off the coast of East Anglia. At lunch time, however, several attacks developed on London. The first of these was by a force of 50 Me109s. This was followed by a slightly larger group. A third attack in the afternoon came in from 25 Me109s. This last penetrated to the centre of London where it attracted continuous harassment from RAF fighters. The RAF that day flew 590 sorties. The British lost 2 aircraft but succeeded in shooting down five of the enemy.

That night bombs hit a shelter of a block of flats in Stoke Newington and killed 154 people.

17 Squadron Operational Record Book – 13 October
While on patrol, Sgt Sewell and PO Ross were weaving behind the Squadron in the Chatham area, when anti-aircraft fire opened up just behind them. Soon afterwards PO Ross was missed. The rest of the Squadron landed at Martlesham at 14:55 hours. Later PO Ross was reported in Gravesend RAF Hospital with slight shrapnel wounds in the left leg, side and neck. His aircraft was hit by cannon-shell (which it is thought may have been from A/A guns) and PO Ross baled out.

Reported Casualties (RAF Campaign Diary 13th October 1940):

*  Enemy: 2 confirmed, 5 probable, 0 damaged
*  Own: 2 aircraft which the pilots are safe.

Today’s theme:  Captains and Commanders – Lord Beaverbrook




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