Hugo Sperrle, published under CC Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License (CC-BY-SA)

Sperrle was the man in charge of Luftflotte 3 flying from the Cotentin Peninsula. Physically, he was a huge bear of a man. But it wasn’t all brawn; he had brains too. His early career had been in the Army and he had flown during the First World War before returning to the Army after 1918. He had been Commander in Chief of the Condor Legion in 1937 when a substantial contingent of the Luftwaffe had contributed to Franco’s victory in the Spanish Civil War.

Sperrle may have been and indeed was a very commanding physical figure, as well as being a determined leader. When it came to Goering’s conferences, he usually attended alongside Kesselring. He was a key player in the fortunes of the Luftwaffe in the Second World War.