ME 110, copyright RAF Museum Hendon

This was the stable mate of the Me109. It came from the hands of the same aircraft designer and first flew in May 1936. It was meant to be the long range version of the single engine fighter that could take on offensive and defensive roles. The problem turned out to be that the Me110 just did not have anything like the performance of a single engine fighter, despite a top speed of 349mph. It couldn’t hold its own in combat, particularly against the Spitfire and Hurricane. In dogfights it was the case that pilots of the Me110 often resorted to flying in a defensive circle which, it was thought, would give their rear gunners the best chance of keeping off British fighters.

In the end the Me110 became more of a fighter-bomber, than just a fighter. It even needed the protection of the Me109 flying cover for them. The conclusion has to be that certainly as a fighter the Me110 was just not a success.